Shisha Smoking Tips

Shisha Smoking Tips

Great hookah smoking tips;

The smoking of the waterpipe, hookah or the shisha can vary from person to person, as each individual has a different idea of a good session of hookah smoking. Some like it with a smooth amount of smoke, some enjoy bigger bulks of smoke, some enjoy a little flavour as some want the whole flavour heavily inhaled, and there are some looking to get the most out of it an want a long session, all these are possible and more with a high quality designed Hookah , Kings Comfort will give you the best ever smoke session you desire.

İnitial tips;

-You must clean your Hookah frequently, preferably after each use. the bottle, stem and the hoses, all parts should be cleaned with warm water and then dried with a soft cloth for longevity. Also frequent cleaning will make the next smoke session FRESH !

-Tobacco should be stored correctly,  tightly closed and some where cool would be a great idea. Out of direct sunlight.

-The average smoke session is about 90 minutes.

-You should inhale as if breathing.

We start with the Bottle or the Vaze, this is where we put the water;

-Firstly the correct amount of water must be filled, too less water is a ligther inhale needed but also means the tobacco meets less water. Too much  water will make the inhaling get much harder and the more effect of the water cooling the smoke . Correct amount varies upon taste as usual, but we have our recomendations for each bottle type.

-The water can be tap water or Cold water, Tap water will give you more tobacco taste as it is a little warmer, on the contrary cold water will make the tase fresher, and adding some ice to the bottle will make it a little better , keep in mind that even the coldest water will eventually become warmer as the session goes on.

Cocktails in the bottle/vaze are a great idea,

 -generally putting in some flavours in the bottle help for tatse as well as a great exotic look it gives the Hookah, please see our cocktails page for ideas.

Air flow and closed chamber system,

- it is a must to have a Hookah with an air flow system designed for comfort, this means you dont have to inhale so hard to get the smoke, or even in some places you see people sucking hard but only a little smoke. Hookah Kings-Comfort designs are all easy inhaling and a great amount of smoke at your breathing capacity.

The advanced closed chamber system;

- allows you to empty smoke from the bottle/vaze with a little blow, to either empty a little bit of smoke from the bottle/vaze or emty the whole smoke from the bottle/vaze. This is great if you have happened to burn the tobacco , with a little blow in the mouth peice you can get rid of the burnt or harsh tobacco. It is also helpfull in cases of long sessions to blow out a little and re start to inhale for a fresher taste.

The bowl;

- we advise to use a vortex type of bowl, these types of bowls keep the tobacco fresh for your session.

-The deeper the bowl – the better


-You should only use the best quality tobacco for the best taste.

-Tobacco should be wet and fresh .

-Tobacco should be placed evenly around the bowl for even burning.

-Tobacco should be sprinkled around the bowl, a little loosely .

-Resting the tobacco out of its package in room temparute for 20 minutes will help for a stronger flavour.

-The amount of tobacco is definitly an individuals idea of taste, less tobacco will result in a quick session and lighter flavour and less smoke, more tobacco will last for a longer period, will have more smoke (if the coal is also adequately more, see coal heading below), and more flavour, getting it right is upto you and your taste.

-Use correct amount of tobacco for your own satisfying taste, most cases are 15mg-25mg.

-Storage of Hookah tobacco, if sealed tightly it should keep its freshness for 60-90 days. Best to buy fresh and smoke fresh as per needed, dont stock up on tobacco, not a good idea for freshness.


-The more the coal the quicker the session will be but for sure you will feel the flavour and smoke more, less coal will end up with a lighter smoke and ligther flavour, but will give you a longer session.

-moving the coal around evenly every say 5 minutes will help burning the tobacco evenly without burning.

-Heat management system, this will help getting the right taste for you. Also the amount of tinfoil is totally upto you for your satisfaction.

-Natural coals made from wood, bamboo, or coconut are generally more popular because they don’t interfere with the taste of tobacco and contain little to no additives.

-How many coals to use, generally 3-4 coals are used for an ideal smoke session.-coal should NOT touch tobacco while smoking

The Musts of Hookah, Shisha, Waterpipe;

-Must be elegantly designed for your taste.

- Must be designed for airflow mechanics.

-Must have airtight mechanics

- Must have a closed chamber system.

-Must be  geniune V2A stainless steel material for longevity

- Must be designed for  easy inhaling.

- Must be designed for easy start ups.

At Kings Comfort we have made the hookah a pleasure of pleasure !