The Luxury hookah  is all about getting the right amount of smoke and taste at an ease with an attractive design, and here is the story 

how it begun:

Faruk Ozcoban a mechanical Engineer based in Istanbul /Turkey enjoyed smoking the Hookah occassionally. He once read that the Sultans in the Ottoman Empire were big smokers and very special Hookahs were made for their usage, the Sultans at the time were interested in three characteristics of the Hookah,

1. The shape and design in general.

2. Ease of inhaling plenty of smoke.

3. Ease of inhaling the flavour.

He was a fan of the hookah, and smoked it every weekend. It was after this reading that he decided to use a different hookah each weekend to find these characteristics, he tried many types of hookahs ranging from price and by country and could not come across exactly the one he was looking for , or the one that was so explained in his readings. He eventually  designed his own Hookah, starting from the bottle/vaze, he searched for craftsmen to get the bottle hand blown . Then the Chuck and  the stem,  he chose stainless steel of V2A for best performance, easy cleaning and longevity, then he machined the parts one by one himself in his workshop, finally designed the tray of the hookah and the mouthpeice, giving them and elegant design. He cared much for exclusiveness , also to add an ergonomic design to help airflow.In the begining it looked good on paper, then he manufactured the items and mounted the parts for his first hookah.

The first trial was better than he expected, still he improved some points and added a better Airflow system, advanced closed chamber system with a hidden Purge valve. He made further changes to make the mounting easier. With the new changes he manufactured his second hookah this time with shisha(bottle/vaze)he manufactured with a 10mm thickness giving it extra strength. 

He mounted the parts and as he was starting to smoke his cousin Ali had visited him, they started smoking  and both were suprized from the ease of starting the hookah up, it is generally breath taking to start up a hookah, but it was much easier, the ease of inhaling the smoke and the smooth flowing of the air and the flavour, it was such a pleasure there was more flavour and more smoke. His cousin asked kings-comfort for him to make one for him. The hookah was not intended for business, it was manufactured for his own usage, but soon after Ali had visitors with his hookah he was showing off to friends,each person was asking what brand is it? Where did you get it? And Ali’s reply was this is a one of a kind made for the kings. kings-comfort soon had several people asking for this hookah, Word of mouth was moving faster than he could manufacture, kings-comfort decided to invest in this and started manufacturing hookahs and now sells all around the globe.

The ultimate luxury Hookah , its a pleasure with great ease and comfort!