Why Kings Comfort

Why Kings Comfort

*Ergonomic design;

Within the designing process of the Hookah, it was important to get the correct soft design on the eye and crucial to get the correct design for airflow, the designs took weeks to get correct.

*Easy Airtight connections;

It is important to be able to dismantle and mount the hookah when needed, the design process took this seriously and moved with the easy connects that are connected within a few seconds. The connection from bottle to stem is by a multi threaded connection, this allows to close within a quarter of a turn. For sure giving ease and comfort mounting the parts but further more the connection doesnt allow any air flow out of the hookah or in the hookah. The connection of the tray to the hookah stem once again is designed for comfort, you can remove the tray at an easy when needed. The hose and mouthpeice are all designed with the same principal. All giving the final hookah and edge ahead of the rest.

*Smooth airflow system;

Each connection of the hookah, is designed to have airtight connections, the air inside the Hookah is blocked and no interference from the outside. This is extremely important to have that taste and smoke coming directly through the system with and air leakage or any air coming out of the system.

* Mouthpeice connection;

Easily connected to the hookah, basically drop in to connect and pull out to dismantle, also designed for easy connection to one time use hoses and mouthpeices, thats an 18/8 connection.Our hose is 100% silicon, easily washed and freed from the flavour last used.

*Hand blown shisha (bottle /vaze);

The hand blown shisha was great as it gave the bottle more exclusiveness, and with further thought, we brought the thickness above average to between 8mm-10mm, giving the shisha extra strength. The hand crafted crystal class gives each peice its uniqueness, as hand blowing is a lot more difficult than ordinary glass productions, hand blown truely takes more effort and skill and is more expensive than ordinary glass productions. In an ordinary glass production you could have 5000 shishas made in oneday, hand blown shishas this comes down to 30-40 items per day and each item is slightly unique to itself. For those new to hand blown glass, there will be little areas of small defects, most times hard to see for the naked eye, but these little errors are the proof of its manufacturing type .

*Advanced closed chamber system;

An advanced closed chamber system is designed within our hookah models, this system allows the user to blow in the mouthpeice when needed to empty the smoke inside the bottle. With our design you are able to empty the whole smoke inside the bottle in one smooth blow. This is used in two occasions, firstly if you have burnt the tobacco, you need to get the burnt smoke out of the system, this is done in most hookahs by inhaling this smoke until there is no further burnt smoke left inside the bottle. No need to inhale burnt smoke, as one blow into the mouthpeice will release all the burnt smoke inside the shisha, that easy and then continue smoking. The second occassion when you might want to blow out the smoke is when you have been smoking for a while you may need to release the old smoke for a fresher taste, and once again easily done on our models. In most hookahs you would need to dismantle the hookah to get the old smoke out or as said above you would need to inhale that old smoke.


A piece attached to the bottom of the stem, made again from V2A stainless steel with a holes that run in a pattern, to make a smoother smoke and a subdued noise. By breaking the naturally larger bubbles coming up the water from the pipe into smaller bubbles, it lowers the amount of suction or "pull" needed to continue bringing smoke to the chamber. This also cools the smoke down more efficiently. It is used as a luxury item used for a better smoking experience .

*Highest of quality materials;

The choosing of materials for our hookahs, has been done with priority to get the best product, the shisha/bottle/vaze is crystal glass, the stem is V2A stainless steel, the hose is silicon hose, the mouthpeice is made from high quality Aluminium, for the light weight on the users hand, and the longevity against the conditions.

* Hidden Purge valve with 4 integrated balls;

Each Hookah Kings-Comfort model is designed with a hidden Purge valve, integrated with the advanced closed chamber system. The four balls block the air when inhaling for perfect airflow, and allow smoke out when blown in the mouth peice. The hidden Purge valve brings a new design and look to the hookah that many enjoy. 

Titanium and Gold Coatings;

You have three surface choices at Kings Comfort, natural V2A high quality stainless steel, this same steel is used in aerospace, titanium coated V2A stainless steel fort he colours Gold, Pearl , blue and black. Titanium coated hookah is the most strongest coating possible on a hookah, giving the tray and the parts near the heat of the hookah incredible resistance.

Finally we have the 24K gold coating on our golden series models. The 24K on top of the V2A stainless steel adding great value , shine and an elegance to our designs that are allways noticeable.

More Smoke, more taste  at an ease!

Our Hookahs weigh twice the weight of our competitors, thats a lot more material and a lot more workmanship put into our products.