Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement

In the "Free Membership" page, complete the information and proceed to the next step

Enter the password you set in the corresponding field. The next time you log in, you will need to enter this password and your email.

Member login is made by e-mail and password, so if you do not enter your e-mail address, your membership will not be realized.

You can become a member by clicking the checkbox and clicking the "Complete Membership" button.

Membership Agreement

 privacy policy, the use of personal data - processing and you send commercial electronic messages to you, you can tick the relevant box. When you click the specified expression, you can see its contents. Then, if you do not wish to receive commercial electronic messages, you can take the appropriate action as specified in the messages sent to you. (Legally possible / required messages continue.)

If you receive an error message during your membership process, you can press the "undo" key.

When you want to change your membership information, you can proceed to Article 3 in the Member Login section below.

When your membership process is completed, we will send the Membership Information-Agreement (form-text) to the email address you specified in the Membership Information. A private ((information entered as a party) text such as the contract text may not be kept separately in our Company's systems.